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Tuxedo Etiquette

Questions and Answers about Tuxedo Etiquette
for the New Millennium.

Q: If the invitation says White Tie, what kind of Tuxedo should I wear?
A: Don't worry about it, unless you are royalty, you will never see an
invitation that says White Tie. The proper attire is a Black Tailcoat with
a White Pique Vest and Bow Tie. A conductor in an orchestra may be seen
wearing this outfit, it is the most formal attire possible.

Q: If the invitation says Black Tie, what should I wear?
A: Etiquette here calls for a Tuxedo and Tuxedo accessories, such as vest
or cummerbund, with matching or coordinating tie.

Q: When do I wear a Dinner Jacket?
A: In warm weather months to a black tie event, here Etiquette calls for
black pants and coordinating accessories.

Q: What if I want to wear a Black Tuxedo to a function during warm weather
A: Not a problem, you may wear a Black Tuxedo.

Q: Should I wear a long neck tie or bow tie?
A: Proper Etiquette calls for either.

Q: Can I wear a long tie and a cummerbund?
A: No, because the tie will dangle without a vest to be tucked in to.

Q: Can I wear a vest with a bow tie?
A: Yes, no problem.

Q: If the invitation says Black Tie Invited, what is proper Tuxedo Etiquette?
A: This is a nice way of the host(s) saying, "We would like you to wear a
tuxedo, but don't want to force you into it". Let your conscience be your
guide. Bare in mind, when you are invited to a black tie function, the
host(s) usually has planned a high end affair and wants you to dress

Q: If the invitation says Black Tie Optional, what should I wear?
A: Similar to Black Tie Invited, Actually Black Tie Invited was created to
replace Black Tie Optional, It means what it says, your option.

Q: If the invitation says Creative Black Tie, what should I wear?
A: Any type of tuxedo you like, including pastel colors, such as light
blue and yellow, for you Dumb and Dumber fans, an orange tuxedo has a nice
touch, have fun, be creative. Tuxedo Etiquette in this situation says,
anything goes.

Q: What is Morning or Daytime Formal Wear?
A: A Cutaway Jacket or Stroller with hickory striped trousers, pearl or
dove gray vest, ascot or neck tie. Strict Tuxedo Etiquette calls for this
attire in the daytime.

Q: When should I wear this outfit?
A: Before 6:00PM

Q: I have traveling members in my wedding party, how do I get their
measurements to a Formal Wear Specialist near me?
A: Simple, have your out of town guys go to the nearest tuxedo shop and
ask for complimentary measurements.

Q: Will they give me a hard time since I'm not using their services?
A: No, Tuxedo Specialists understand your situation and will be happy to
help because other specialists do the same for them.

Q: Who should wear a tuxedo at our wedding besides the bridal party?
A: Fathers, Grand Fathers, and if you're lucky enough to have them, Great
Grand Fathers.

Q: Why?
A: A wedding is one of the happiest occasions you can ever have as a
family. A tuxedo lets everyone know that the elder members of the family
are part of this special day and that none of this could have happened
without them. Honor them with the appropriate outfit and get some great
family pictures.